Name and Logo

The name VIVAT is derived from the Latin verb “VIVERE,” meaning “to LIVE,” and expresses the deep wish for all that exists: “may s/he live, may all persons live, may all creation live.”

The logo depicts three persons embracing, welcoming, and supporting one another while at the same time looking beyond their circle to the larger outer world that is longing for unity and communion. The three olive shoots springing from the second letter of VIVAT stand for the hope and the transformation that VIVAT International envisages for the world.



“Together for life, dignity and rights” speaks for our collective vision, mission, goals, and initiatives. Together – We, 11 religious congregations and societies, along with our coworkers and partners under the umbrella of VIVAT International, promote, protect, and respect life in fullness for all people and creation, work to restore the dignity of each human person through the human rights approach.



Sharing a vision of the world and every human being as created in goodness and dignity and believing, defending and proactively supporting the equality in rights and the dignity of all individuals, peoples, and cultures. VIVAT’s presence at the UN envisages attaining a world of equality, justice, reconciliation, peace, and care for the environment.



VIVAT engages in a two-fold mission of working at the grassroots and doing advocacy work at the United Nations. The mission of VIVAT is realized in the following way:

  • Work with persons and groups who live in poverty of any kind and share in their efforts to restore and preserve well-being, dignity, and freedom.
  • Promote human rights, promote sustainable development, understanding, and harmony between peoples, cultures, classes, religions, and beliefs; strive towards creating a world society and local communities that encourage the inclusion and participation of all.
  • Work for ecological sustainability, the protection of biodiversity, and the preservation of the planet’s richness for future generations.

VIVAT also recognizes that the United Nations is an important forum for collaboration with others who share these goals. VIVAT, therefore, seeks to work together with the United Nations, as well as with other agencies and NGOs.