VIVAT International India participates in the Struggle for the Rights of Dalit Christians in India

Christians in India have been
demanding through various
means, including taking
recourse to law, to strike down
the Presidential Order of 1950
which denies equal rights to
Christians and Muslims of
Dalit origin. In 1950 the
Indian government established
a quota system in education
and government jobs as a type
of affirmative action for Hindu Dalits. Though these statutory privileges were later extended to Sikh dalits in 1956 and Buddhist dalits in 1990, the repeated requests of the Christian dalits who account for two-thirds of 27 million Christians in India, have gone unanswered. The Muslims and Christians have been continuously denied the Dalit status, which is totally unconstitutional as it denies equal rights to Christian and Muslim communities purely because of their religions.   Protest Rally Report