Iron ore, journey with no return

From the Brazilian Amazon to the German automakers

“Iron ore, journey with no return: from the Brazilian Amazon to the German automakers”
is a production of Misereor. Misereor is a German Catholic Bishops organization, which for over 50 years has been committed to eradicate poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The production depicts in 28 minutes the daily life of the communities impacted by the Programa Grande Carajás (Great Carajás Programme), the world’s largest iron ore mining project in the Brazilian states of Maranhão and Pará.

Misereor supports projects developed by the Justice on Rails Network, a coalition of communities impacted by mining projects in northern Brazil, organizations, pastoral groups, social movements and academic research groups seeking environmental justice in the region.

The documentary reflects on the process of extraction and exportation of iron ore from the Serra de Carajas (Sierra de Carajás), State of Pará, to the harbour of Saint Luís, State of Maranhão. A hundred communities, approximately, suffer various impacts caused by this process, such as expulsion of families from their land, pollution, accidents, etc.

Over 50% of Germany’s iron ore imports come from Brazil, but the auto companies are not seeking to verify, if raw materials for their production carry with them a trail of human rights abuses, and environmental injustice.

This documentary raises questions and provokes joint action strategies in the steel production chain.

The documentary is available en: German |  English  | Portuguese

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