World Social Forum 2016

Another World Is Needed. Together It Is Possible

The 12th World Social Forum was the first of its kind to be held in northern hemisphere of the world. It does provide a space for developing collaborative action as people and movements from different parts of the world come together in the pursuit of making our world a better place through positive alternatives.

The “Comboni Network” team, which is also a VIVAT International Associate Member Congregation, consisted of 16 people (two Comboni Missionary Sisters, two MCCJ religious brothers and 12 MCCJ priests); the team was smaller than that of Tunis due to the situation of the two Comboni Institutes and also the great costs of participation in the WSF at Montreal. Besides the Combonis, there were also a number of VIVAT International members from other congregations such as Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) represented by Br. Jim Zabranski, SVD and Sr. Helen Saldanha, SSpS, representing the VIVAT International Executive Team in New York and the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit.

The Comboni Network team presented six workshops on land-grabbing, trafficking in persons, climate change, the situation in South Sudan, the situation in the DR Congo and on damage done to the environment and indigenous communities by international mining groups in Brazil.

For more information, please read the VIVAT Newsletter.