VIVAT Kenya: Moving Forward

VIVAT International Kenya (VIK) is moving guided by its Action Plan. VIK has its National Board of Directors (NBOD) in place. VIK has its Executive Team (ET) in place. VIK has its Office in placed although still very bare and empty as needed equipment and furniture are not yet available, but they will be made available in due time.

A 3 days Workshop for the JPIC Coordinators of the 9 Member Congregations (CSSp, ASC, CMS, MSHR, RA, OMI, MCCJ, SVD, SSpS) present in Kenya & Tanzania will take place in November from 8-10, 2016. It is dubbed: SKILLS TRAINING geared towards Advocacy and Lobbying. Three facilitators were invited and they are from the Jesuits International, the Marists International and Franciscan International. The other two Member Congregations like Cssp and LSA are not yet present here in Kenya.

Plan of Action: Animation of JPIC Coordinators of VIK Founding and Member Congregations

1. Education & Organization-Building

  • Providing training of skills & consciousness-
    raising, e.g. workshops and seminars
  • Finding out available training programs
    useful for VIK JPIC Coordinators

2. Communication

  • Research – data gathering, fact-finding
  • Newsletter – communicating on issues, best practices, relevant materials
  • Setting up a directory of VIK JPIC members and resources

3. Networking

  • Identifying GO’s and NGO’s, Faith-Based Organizations (FBO’s) and Online Networks with the same JPIC orientation
  • Partnering on activities with selected Organizations

Fr. Eusebio Manangbao, SVD,
VIVAT International Kenya