Joint Oral Statement on Argentina during HRC- 37

A Joint Oral Statement was submitted by VIVAT International, Edmond Rice International and Maristas Solidarity International Foundation during the 37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council on 15 March 2018, under Item 6, on the UPR outcomes of Argentina. The main recommendations focused on the effective complaint process for reporting abuse and monitoring of the court rulings by the State, resource allocation.

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Joint Oral Statement of the 37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council
Item 6 – UPR outcomes: ARGENTINA

15 March 2018

Edmund Rice International & VIVAT International Statement
Delivered by: Ryan Wait

Mr. President,

Edmund Rice International (ERI), Vivat International (VIVAT) and Maristas Solidarity International Foundation (FMSI) values Argentina’s commitment to the appointment of an Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents. We recommend that this appointment be made as soon as possible.

In 2005, Law 26.061 was passed, which on paper guarantees very high standards for the protection of children. However, this is not reflected in reality. Between 2010 and 2015, 29% of all recorded cases of domestic violence were related to children. Many of the measures provided by the law have not been implemented for various political, budgetary and operational reasons. Some of the policies, such as ‘Local services for the promotion and protection of rights’ are still not in operation, and in many cases the necessary resources are not available.

As a result, these vital services, which are the responsibility of the State are often carried out by civil, social and religious organizations. We believe that these obligations cannot be delegated by the State. ERl, VIVAT and FMSI recommends that the State, working with civil society, provides an integrated approach to child victims in matters of physical and psychological health and commit resources towards their rehabilitation.

ERI, VIVAT and FMSI recommends that the State develop and implement an effective complaint process which guarantees victims a more sensitive and efficient means of reporting abuse. The State should also monitor court rulings aimed at guaranteeing the protection of children.

ERI, VIVAT and FMSI recommends that the National, Provincial and Municipal jurisdictions approve the relevant budgetary measures which will help to ensure that victims are not violated again within the same system which is designed to protect them.

Thank you, Mr. President.