Networking to address the issue of destructive mining

From 25 – 27 September 2019, 36 people participated the JPIC and Mining Seminar organized in Rome. They are the JPIC promotors from different Catholic religious congregations and organizations, who work to protect the rights of people and the nature. Dani Brought, ASC, Gretta Fernandes, SSpS and

Daisuke Narui, SVD participated this seminar from VIVAT International.

The current model of extractivism is devastating and destroying our common home. It devours the earth’s finite goods, creates cycles of violence and injustice, displaces people from their homes, livelihoods and cultures, and fosters a materialistic and throwaway culture.

As JPIC animators, we see following key issues need to be addressed in relation to mining:

  1. power imbalance affecting the very people who are facing the threats and risks of mining and other extractive projects;
  2. impunity, corruption, and other factors that are imposed on the communities, affecting their ability to say no to destructive mining projects and exercise their right to self-determination;
  3. the disrespect of human rights, the disregard of human dignity and the continuing acts of violence;
  4. the mistreatment of nature as merely things to be used for the satisfaction of humanity.

I would like to introduce some of the actions the participants commit.

  1. on-going integral ecological conversion resulting in responsible personal and collective choices that lead us to a lifestyle that honors the creation.
  2. be an active Church for the victims, where from our spirituality, we spread the Gospel and Catholic Social Teachings, in particular Laudato Si’. With a prophetic role of informing, raising-awareness and mobilizing communities to action, we live in solidarity with the affected peoples.
  3. build bridges and facilitate networking among the likeminded organizations.
  4. engage in the continuing advocacy work to end the impunity of corporations for their human rights abuses and ensuring access to justice for the victims.

I would like to invite you to visit following page for the complete statement of the seminar participants and other materials used during the seminar.

Daisuke Narui, SVD