Farewell and Welcome

Fr. Robertus Mirsel, SVD, the Executive Co-director, completed his term in in New York Office. on 31 May 2020. He joined the Executive team in January 2015 and worked tirelessly on advocacy actions at UN, networking with other NGOs, promoting human dignity and rights. We thank him for his committed and loving service to the VIVAT mission and wish him the absolute best for his future endeavors, back in his country, Indonesia.


We welcome Fr. Paulus Rahmat, SVD, who joined as the Co-director of VIVAT International on 1 June 2020. We thank him for accepting this responsibility and are certain that with the long years of experiences of working at the grassroots, national and international level, he will make a positive difference in the service of life, dignity and human rights. He worked at the as the Executive Director of VIVAT International Indonesia for many years and brings along deeper understanding of sustainable development and advocacy.  We extend our gratitude to the home provinces of Robertus and Paulus for availing them to the service of VIVAT.


Fr. Daisuke Narui, SVD, the Executive Secretary since 2018, is appointed as the bishop of Niigata Diocese in Japan. This was announced on 31 May. We congratulate Fr. Daisuke on this new appointment. We thank him for his commitment to VIVAT and accompany his through our prayers on his journey and future mission.


We congratulate and welcome Sr. Gretta Maria Fernandes SSpS who is appointed as the Executive Secretary until January 2021 and wish her the very best.