HRC46: Statements submitted by VIVAT International

  1. Joint statement on West Papua related to deteriorating human rights situation. The number of Internally Displaced Persons increases due to the armed conflict between security forces and members of the West Papua National Liberation Army.
  2. Joint statement on the right to education of children in South Africa. The gap of the inequalities has increased even more during the pandemic. The government must pay greater attention to it.
  3. Joint statement on the right to food. Pope Francis said: “Hunger is not only tragedy for humanity, but also a shame”.
  4. Joint statement on the situation of children at risk (sexual exploitation of children). There is still lack of the adequate internet technology and legislation that could prevent the sexual exploitation of children.
  5. Joint Statement on the right of children with disabilities in Kenya in education system.
  6. Joint statement related to the health situation of the indigenous people in Brazil, Amazon region, caused by COVID-19 (video below).