E-Newsletter No. 89

December 2021 – On COP26

In this Issue

  • Five Takeaways from Glasgow by Alberto Parise, MCCJ
  • My COP26 Experience by Liam Dunne, SVD
  • Being Fully Committed by Ida Josefine Haurand, SSpS
  • Keeping 1.5°C Goal Alive by Paul Rahmat, SVD
  • Climate Justice by Alberto Parise, MCCJ
  • Success or Failure? by Alberto Parise, MCCJ
  • Keeping Hope Alive by Alberto Parise, MCCJ
  • Philippines: One Billion Bamboo for Climate Change by Benigno Beltran, SVD
  • Indonesia: Organic Farming and Renewable Energy by Simon Suban Tukan SVD
  • Brazil: Sowing Hope in a Wounded Land by Dario Bossi, MCCJ
  • Ghana: Women and Climate Change by Comfort Arthur CSC

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