Belgium: Human Rights Mechanism Workshop

Christian Roberti CSSp - VIVAT Belgium

From 11 to 12 October 2022, Father Andrzej Owca CSSp came from Geneva to give an interactive training workshop in French to five new members of the Belgian branch of VIVAT International. Two former members who had attended the first VI workshop in July 2016 also attended this new workshop which had been postponed several times due to the Covid epidemic.

Father Andrzej first showed a short film on the genesis of human rights going back to antiquity. He then presented the UN Human Rights Council, especially some special procedures such as the special rapporteurs and the Universal Periodic Review. He ended with the treaty bodies. He then presented a reflection on the theme of Charity (immediate service to people/groups whose human rights are violated) and Justice (long-term advocacy to act on the reasons why people/groups are victims of these violations).

Diocesan priest Alain Boubag gave two sessions on integral ecology and responsibility.

In conclusion, Father Andrzej encouraged the participants to work hard on the 2022 report according to the VIVAT International Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and to plan the activities for 2023 and the strategic plan of the VIVAT Belgium National Branch, 2023-2025.

We thank Fr. Andrzej for coming to give us this workshop and we thank VIVAT International that made this workshop possible by freeing Father Andrzej for five days and by financing his trip to Brussels.