Uganda: Laudato Si Center…Ecology & Social Transformation

Comboni Missionaries

In January 2023, the Comboni missionaries established the Laudato Si Centre – Comboni Uganda (LSCC) to spearhead the efforts of Comboni Action for Environment and Human Promotion (CAEHP). This initiative serves as a platform to intertwine evangelization with social activism, aiming to innovatively address ecological challenges in Uganda.

Inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical letter “Laudato Si” of 2015, which calls for ecological conversion and guided by the nineteenth general chapter of the Comboni Missionaries, LSCC endeavors to foster integral ecology in spirituality and formation. Rooted in the Comboni family’s charism, the center seeks to tackle environmental, human, and social degradation while attending to the vulnerable segments of society and caring for our common home, as advocated by the Church, indicated in the encyclicals “Laudato Si’” and “Fratelli Tutti.”

Laudato Si Center collaborates with various stakeholders and groups committed to ecological conversion, utilizing the See, Judge, and Act methodology for prayer, reflection, analysis, and action in promoting compassion and concern for the environment.

The center was inaugurated on May 1, 2023, under the theme “Together for Our Environment,” under the leadership of Bro. Cosmas Ochan Okech and Bro. Michael Avaga, with guidance from Fr. Anthony Kibira Kimbowa, the Provincial Superior. Regular radio talk shows on Radio Maria serve to sensitize the public about environmental protection in light of Laudato Si.

The vision of LSCC is to become a leading center facilitating human transformation, sustainability of our common home, and environmental protection, while its mission is to enable sustainable responses to the ecological crisis and defend the vulnerable through project implementation.

The center’s objectives encompass ecological analysis, advocacy for a clean environment, collective action for nature restoration, participation in global environmental initiatives, and bridging gaps in evangelization. Its programs include capacity development, promotion of individual and community actions, agriculture, afforestation, youth empowerment, gender transformation, missionary animation, and the promotion of sustainable waste management.

Recognizing the importance of the integrity of creation in Comboni Missionary evangelization, LSCC addresses this aspect to ensure holistic ministry to the marginalized and underserved.

Laudato Si Center – Comboni Uganda stands as a beacon of hope, rallying communities and stakeholders to embrace ecological conversion, foster social transformation, and protect our shared home for future generations.

Comboni Missionaries