Philippines: ASC Youth Advocacy

Joyce Ann Bron, ASC Youth Philippines

We, the ASC Youth, are called to Adore the Lord, Serve His people, and Care for the World. Our mission is to strengthen our relationship with God and others, reach out to those in need, and be good stewards of God’s creation. ASC Youth aims to be role models for children and to build a group of youths called by God to be His missionaries, helping His people.

Our primary goal is to advocate for causes that allow us to assist those in need and address pressing social concerns in our nation. Over the past two months, we have conducted HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and Waste Segregation initiatives.

Coordinating the youth advocacy was a great challenge for me as an ASC Youth. Setting our agendas made me anxious because of the limited time to plan the final flow of our advocacy. I also felt pressure being tasked with discussing the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS. However, carrying out our advocacy brought joy and a sense of fortune, knowing that we made a small difference in the lives of others. I am grateful for the opportunity to communicate significant information to my young generation during this crucial time and for the ASC Sisters’ trust in our capabilities. We aimed to share knowledge with others. Engaging in these advocacies enabled me to learn more about the struggles of the young generation, society, and its conditions. We can develop our abilities and skills through these engagements, becoming good young citizens of our nation. The most crucial thing is to be good stewards of God’s creation.

The ASC Youth advocacy is not merely fun; serving the Highest God and His creation is our devotion. We are committed to strengthening our faith in the Lord. When we carry out our duties, mission, vision, and advocacies, we are not the only ones who benefit. Our efforts give glory to the Precious Blood of Jesus and are for the good of all humanity and Mother Earth. This brings fulfillment and joy to my heart.

Joyce Ann Bron, ASC Youth Philippines