At Dakar: My Time of “Mouvance”

For me, in Dakar, a true mouvance occurred, that sprang up from the deep, from the bowels of the people and the earth. There they could begin to look for, and even to find the road towards unity and a global theology starting from the concrete experience of different people and moving ahead that speaks “God”. The WSF and WFTL have morphed through the open door to the future where, with differences but without clashes, sincere people can hope to build and live in this possible, different and better world that we all continue to seek. [read…]

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Justice on the Rails

Justice for the land wounded by the Brazilian mining giant Companhia Vale do Rio Doce By Dário Bossi,MCCJ “I am tired to handle this mining train that passes in front of my house ten times [read…]

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Protecting the Ribeira Valley

It is one of VIVAT’s strongest priorities and values to advocate for the rights of indigenous people as upheld by the United Nations. Thus, VIVAT has been actively working on supporting the indigenous Quilombo population of Brazil in their efforts to claim their human rights. [read…]

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Vigil for a Real Deal

Millions of world citizens around the world organized thousands of vigil events relating to the UN World Conference on climate change being held on 7-18 December 2009 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. [read…]