Four focus areas of VIVAT International

VIVAT International addresses human rights issues with particular focus on the rights of children, women, and eradication of poverty, sustainable development and the culture of peace. (VIVAT Charter)

VIVAT International upholds and works towards achieving the commitments of the United Nations to human dignity and rights with a specific focus eradication of poverty, women’s empowerment, sustainable development and the culture of peace. As a faith-based organization VIVAT’s commitment is to work with children, women and girls, indigenous people and marginalized communities on the issues affecting human dignity and rights namely health and education, development related issues such as mining, forced labour, human trafficking, migration/refugees and environment. Through collaboration and networking with likeminded groups and organizations VIVAT works to promote life, human dignity and rights in accordance with the goals of United Nations. The grassroots experience and insights from its members enables VIVAT to bring these to the attention of others, particularly the United Nations.